How To Get The Most Out Of Your Colander Spoon 2019

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So we promised to share with you some of the latest cool purchases available online and this one just caught our attention.

The Colander Spoon lets you drain straight from the pan, in handy sized portions, without having to clear your sink of things awaiting washing and finding/placing the large colander in the sink.

Child safe Colander Spoon

We all have the worry of carrying hot water across the kitchen for fear of something or someone stepping in the way and getting injured from spilled boiling liquids. Fortunately, it rarely happens. But that doesn't remove the thought or threat of something happening to our loved ones. This handy little gadget removes that worry!

Colander Spoon enables you to drain and serve straight from the pan

The first thing we notice is that it's so cute, child friendly and easy to use. The Colander Spoon measures in at 29 cm long and has an 8.5 cm scoop.

It's great for scooping out pasta, potatoes and boiled eggs straight from boiling water and perfect for using when removing poached eggs in a pan.

Ever had those times when you have the left-over, tasty bits in the sauce, but only seem to get lots of sauce? This gets all the best bits from the bottom of the pan, so you can choose how much sauce you prefer afterwards.

Also useful for straining jarred pickles, olives or beans from the brine.

Remove and serve boiled vegetables straight to the plate.

The Superb Multifunctional Soup Spoon Colander from

The little strainer holes are set to one side of the Colander Spoon for you to control the quantity of liquid you want to drain and keep.

This essential, multi-functional utensil is a great addition to your kitchen tool collection. We love the fact that we don't have to lift a heavy pot of water and carry it to the sink, in order to drain our hot water or food. Very easy to use and clean by hand or dishwasher.

Overall, this is a very handy tool to have within easy reach of any kitchen and is useful for a multitude of tasks.

Be a smart cook and get it here before stocks run out.

Buy yours now with free shipping here:

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