The Pickled Peppa Philosophy

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At Pickled Peppa, we believe there is a better way to sell products. A more valuable, less invasive way where we earn our customers trust and loyalty. We're passionate about it and our mission is to help people find the products they need at tempting prices.

Since our small beginnings in 2007, many others have come and gone, trying to copy and compete. But Pickled Peppa still stands for its quality service and its unique products. Our growing client list is a statement of our success.

Sales and service is an area that we focus on being "second-to-none" and we have ensured to keep this as great as the first day we started trading.

In 2018 we introduced free deliveries, on all orders.

Today, we are just as focussed on our list of satisfied customers and look forward to providing the same excellent services and items to our wonderful followers.

With best regards from the team at Pickled Peppa.